Together with Veronika and Exi, me, Zen and Bella hiked to Storlibu. This hike is an easy one and not to challenging when it comes to duration and elevation. So an excellent choice for our young dogs. We had read that the hike had an impressive suspension bridge and great view near the water.

The hike starts from the parking at Auglend in Møgedal in Eigersund municipality. During the hike there are several places to have a rest. We decided to take a rest in the cabin at Storlibu after the bridge. The dogs got to eat some dogcake as it was Exi’s birthday today.

The markings along the whole hike is easy to see but in order to find the parking I recommend following the road description found at

Location: Helleland
Lenght: 5,4 km
Duration: 2 hours