Name: Balder (08.02.08-15.09-22)
Breed Border Collie
Sex: Hannhund (kastrert)
20 kg
Merits: 1st place beginners level rallyobedience x2

Balder was Bella’s son. We decided to keep one of the puppies from her litter and we knew early on it would be “little” Balder. Bella contributed greatly as a role model during his puppy year, but an unfortunate meeting with another dog when he was 5 months gave him severe fear aggression towards other dogs. After a lot of training he could walk on a leash with other dogs.

We trained a lot of tracking and agility with Balder, but when he was about three years old, he developed an auto-immune defence illness. This illness caused small wounds in his mouth and irritated skin in general. He also had a few seizures (epilepsia) and both of these illnesses seemed to be triggered by high levels of stress. We therefore stopped all stressful activities for a long period of time, he got medication for his auto-immune defence illness and he was symptom free and of his medication for several years. He still had a few seizures a few times a year, but they were fortunately short and few.

Luckily Balder was very happy doing hikes and tricks, and was an amazing “big brother” for both Buffy, Zen and Neo when they joined our pack. We are so grateful he was a part of our lives, and we miss his happy face every day.