How did I choose our dogs?

Inspired by a blog post from Fanny Gott (“Hur valde du din valp?”) I decided to write how Bella, Balder, Buffy and Zen came into our family.



When I was 17 a girl in my class had Border Collie puppies at home on their farm. I came to see the puppies when they were 6 weeks. One of the puppies crawled into my lap and feel asleep. My heart was stolen. My puppy got her name from my nickname when I was a baby, Bella.


A non-planned mating between Bella and our neighbors dog resulted in 6 puppies. When they were born I knew Balder belonged with us. He was different in both size and colours. Since he was the son of Bella, we agreed his name had to begin with the letter B. Tom Ove suggested Balder and so it became his name.


When we decided to have another puppy I spent a long time searching for a breeder. My choice was kennel Asasara from Denmark who put me on her puppylist. When the puppies were around 5-6 weeks, my breeder decided which puppy I would get (I had told her what personality I wanted). Her nickname became Buffy because we wanted to have a name starting with B and I love the tv-show Buffy. Her kennel name was Duffy so it was not so different.



After I decided I was ready for two active agilitydog I did not want to go looking for a breeder or put myself on any list. My plan was to wait until a litter I liked came along. Not long after the right one did come along and when only boys was the option I decided the sex did not matter as much as I thought. Zen was chosen because he was the smallest of the boys and really social.