In loving memory of Akita

minne akita

Losing someone you love is hard and painful. When it happens suddenly it becomes especially tough. On a wednesday the 5th of febuary, Akita was put to sleep due to an acute and especially serious uterus infection.

Akita, or Smiley as we also called her came into this world along with her brother Balder and 4 other littermates the 8th of febuar. She and Balder were bestfriends from the first day and Ozzie (the father) always had Akita on his heels where ever he went.



The time we are given with our dogs is too short.
They are a part of our family and they touch our hearts.
Appriciate, show care and affection for your dog.
You never know how long the ones you love are with us.

In bad times it is comforting looking back on all the good memories.

Because there is a lot of them.

Rest in peace Akita <3