Jumping technique seminar with Ingerid Klaveness

Jumping technique is a comprehensive theme and it is after my fourth seminar I feel I have acquired the necessary knowledge for training and problem solving.


What is jumping technique?

When our dogs preform a jump over a hurdle we want them to do it as efficient and safe as possible. Learning our dogs to evaluate distance and how to use their body when doing a jump is the key elements in training jumping technique.

If you are interested learning more about jumping technique I recommend attending a seminar and not trying stuff on your own without supervision. 


Previous seminars

I have taken 4 other jumping technique seminars with Vappu Alatalo, Fanny Gott and Ingerid Klaveness. The first seminar gave me an introduction while the next two provided additional knowledge and the last one gave me a better insight when it comes to working through problems. This weekend the seminar gave me important reminders and pushed me when it comes to Buffy’s development.


Happyness, efficiency and learning

Buffy has always been super easy to attend seminars with. Her working habits is really good and in between her sessions she really relaxes well. This is something I put a lot of effort and time into in the beginning of training a young dog so it is nice to enjoy the benefits of our traning. Good working habits gives us really efficient sessions both during traning and also at seminars.


Enjoying socialtime with friends

An added bonus for attending seminars is to be able to socialize with friends while learning. Buffy and Zen really appreciated spending time (and getting love) from Carina 🙂

Zen was the perfect gentleman (as usual) at the seminar. He sat an watched other dogs traning, running and barking without getting crazy. We did some self control training this weekend and of course he won everyone over with his charm.