The ball that was eaten

18.december 2017

A lot can happen in 2 seconds. Tuesday after our swimming session Zen had a ball in his mouth one second and the next he had swallowed it. The veterinary on call told us to wait over night to see if he would throw it up on his own. We stayed awake to watch over little Zen but no ball came.

The next morning we went to Hinna animal clinic hoping to retrieve the ball using gastroscopy. However, it turned out from the x-ray the ball was to big to safely use gastroscopy so the other option was operation.

Inside the stomach the ball had created a vaccuum sort of and latched onto the stomach from the inside. The intestines had also started to become irritated. Luckily the operation was successful and the ball was removed. The wound from the operation was really small and the stitches as well. Zen slept all day after the operation but on Thursday he was basically back to normal.

He will have to wear a cone and kept on a leash for a while but I am just so happy the operation went well. From now on, big toys only for Zen!