Soon 2017 will be over and much has happened this year! Little Zen has joined our pack, I was part of the norwegian team for European Open, we have traveled to Slovenia, Italy and Denmark.  I look forward to many more amazing years and to 2018!



• The kittens named Frodo and Sam (we had them in fostercare) found their new home.
• We visited my dad in Sirdal and enjoyed the snow and relaxing in the cabin.
• I traveled to Slovenia to see Manca’s puppies and to decide who would be my puppy. Little Zen stole my heart from the first moment. Read”Meet Zen”.



• Balder turned 9 years old!
• Me and Bella got 2nd place and our final qualification for elite in rallyobedience and the day after we got our first certificate. Read “Sucess at rallyobedience trial”.
• We did some kickbiking and went hiking a lot.
• Little Zen turned 2 months and was still the little charmer as always.



• We went hiking and got to try out the new cover for Balder (Non Stop).
• Together with Christiane I went to Slovenia to bring Zen home. We spent a week in Slovenia and also got a chance to visit Venezia! Read “Trip to Slovenia 2017”.



• Bella turned 11 years! Read “Happy birthday Bella”.
• Zen started his home alone training and got to come with me to the office sometimes.
• We went for walks with all of Zen’s new friends.
• We spent our easter holiday in Suldal. Its was wonderful spending time with family, friends, skiing and hiking. Read “Easter 2017”.
• We traveled with the whole pack to Arendal for agility competition. Read “Agility competition in Arendal”.



• Zen has become a part of the pack and even learned how to walk in formation when on a leash. He keeps charming everyone he meets and found a bestfriend, Exi.
• Lene and me traveled to Brårud for competition and tryouts. Buffy got her final qualification for grade 2 agility. Read “Agility competition at Brårud”.
• Balder has started the swimming season outdoors while Buffy is doing weekly swimming at Hund i Form.
• Zen is getting used to water and swimming – both indoors and outdoors.



• Buffy turned 4 years!
• Zen keeps having new experiences and going new places. He also gets to see sheep up-close for the first time.
• I travel with Minus to Trondheim to tryout for the national team. What an experience and what a dog! Read “My first tryouts are over”.


• We went to Denmark for a week. Me and Buffy competed at Dania Cup. Read “Dania Cup 2017 – thank you”.
• Me, Buffy and Minus went to Italty to compete at European Open together with the rest of the national team. Read”EO 2017 – my first championship”.


• We are getting ready for the season to begin by doing strength-, core and fitnesstraining. Even though Buffy is the only one doing agility at the momen, I keep all my dogs fit with the same kind of traning. Read “Fitness training for dog”.
• Zen got to train some more herding and is developing nicely. Read “Herding – our new passion”.
• In august we had many walks with good friends: Netti, Atlas, Oscar, Kira, Arko, Exi and DJ among many.


• In september we went to competitions in Sandnes, Arendal, Ølen and at Orre. In Arendal we had a great weekend with several podiums and qualifications. Read “Jackpot in Arendal!”.
• We enjoyed walks with good friends as always.
• Bella have strated swimming at Hund i Form. Keeping a seniordog fit is just as important as for younger dogs.



• I went hiking to a mountain called Faurefjell with Bella, Balder and Buffy. A great hike with a beautiful view at the top! Read “Hike to Faurefjell”.
• Manca, Sandi and Nuša came to Norway from Slovenia. Zen got to meet mama Lin and sister Breezy again.
• Zen and Buffy went for a walk with a large group of dogs after the competition at Åsen and Zen got to try swimming for the first time at Hund i Form.
• Me and Ine drove to Kongsvinger to compete at Norwegian Open. Buffy got a 2nd place and her final qualification for jump3. Read “Norwegian Open 2017”.


• We visisted my dad at his cabin in Sirdal where the dogs had a blast playing in the snow. Read “Winter wonderland in Sirdal”.
• Zen got to try rawfood for real with a large bone from a moose
• Me and Buffy had our debut in jump3 in Stavanger. We won and got our first certificate! Read “Debut in grade 3 in Stavanger”.


• Me and Veronika took Zen and Exi out for their first hike up a mountain. Read “First mountain hike for Zen!”.
• Zen and Bella got to meet Kaizer, the new member of Carina’s family.
• Me, Veronika, Exi, Zen and Bella had an amazing hike. Read “Hike to Storlibu”.
• Buffy wins the agility championship 2017 for grade 2. Read “Agility championship at SBK”.
• Zen eats a ball and has to undergo surgery. Read “The ball that was eaten”.
• Me and Buffy train at FitDog Camp 2017. Read “FitDog Camp 2017”.