Zen is getting an MRI

July 2, 2018

3 weeks ago Zen came in from the backyard limping. His right rear leg was pulled all the way up, but a few hours later he was walking as normal again. I thought the limping was due to impact during playing since there was no broken bones or swollen area. The next day the limping came back and we therefore went to see Hund I Form for a checkup. The limping was gone before we got to our appointment but when walking him we could see it was not as it should be. During treatment he reacted to Anita touching a specific area on his right rear hock. We therefore put him on rest for a week and limited his activity to peeing in the garden on a leash.

After a week of rest he still reacted during treatment around the hock area. No scream or bite, but you could clearly see he was uncomfortable. We put him on rest for a few days more (this time restricted to crate) but as soon as we made any attempts to activate the foot again gently, the limping came back. I took Zen to see my vet who agreed with me that a referal to an MRI would be necessary. So on saturday we are all going to Bergen to hopefully find some answers.

I have to admit, my doggymommy heart is breaking when I see the big machine little Zen is going into, but I know he will be taken good care of.