Zen tries out nosework

This weekend me and Zen have attended a seminar on nosework. A friend of mine had the seminar as a part of her training to be an instructor. I was happy to attend the seminar and learn about this new dogsport!

What is nosework/smeller?

Smeller is a dogsport for anyone who loves search and nosework. You can read about it at the Smellerclub website (in norweigan).

At the seminar we learned the their behind the sport and nosework as well as having several exercises with the dogs.

I think nosework is a good activity for my puppy as it is not strenuos, shaping is used and it is a good way of developing a dog that think and uses his head.

Good puppy

Zen has been amazing both days. He relaxes well between sessions, greets people but is still ready to work as soon as I am. A new room and house filled with new people did not brother him at all. Distracions such as moving people, talking people and photographer taking pictures was no match for Mr Handsome. He just kept working with me.

I am really happy to see the bond and connection when working we are building 🙂