Agility competition in Stavanger

Published: September, 17 2018

This weekend SBK organized agility competition, but as the prices was upto 50% more due to NKK being the organizer on saturday, we only competed on sunday. I ran with both Buffy and bonusMinus, so a total of 6 runs. It was so nice to run indoor while the rain was splashing outside. Me and the dogs kept warm and dry with several layers we changed during the day.

In jumping we did the best with a cleanrun, 1st place and certificate for Buffy and 1 bar down with Minus (only 0.44 seconds behind Buffy). The jumping certificate was our final one and Buffy now has all the ones she needs for the champion title, but since we are not planing to do a dogshow anytime soon, the title will have to wait. We have our eyes on other goals.

In agility Buffy was rewarded for a beautiful seesaw and Minus worked so hard saving me but our luck ran out in the end. When we ran teams I got to remind Buffy of our seesaw criteria and Minus enjoyed himself. We will now rest and get ready for Tønsberg the coming weekend!