Agilitycompetition in Tønsberg

Published: September 24, 2018

Indoor, great hiking area and challenging courses was well worth the trip to Tønsberg. With great company the 6-hour drive felt like a lot less. Ingerid and Sigurd was very kind to let us stay with them, only 20 minutes from the competition area. Me and Buffy had no great results this weekend, but we had several great moments and sundays teamrun was a clean one. On Saturday I could see she was insecure because of the surface being new for her, but after a few runs she was back to her normal self. Some mistakes from the both of us was the reason for it just no being our weekend. It was highly motivating to run the challenging courses and we are taking several elements home for future training!

Zen was of course also with us. He is on a 10-days rehabilitation program to see if it helps the stiffness he has had in parts of his hind legs recently. The program involves slow walks and stretching exercises so it was so nice to be able to do this in great hiking areas with great company.