Agility World Championship 2023

It is incredible that we have been a part of yet another World Championship! This time the agility world championship was held in Liberec, Czech Republic from 4th to 8th of october. Best of all, Tom Ove joined me and Zen, and we even had a few days in Prague before the championship.

Mini holiday in Prague

After being stuck in Vienna with a cancelled flight for several days last year, I decided to drive this time. Since both Tom Ove and Vilde´s boyfriend wanted to join this year, we decided to spend a few days in Prague together.

We got to experience beer spa, boat cruise, sightseeing and of course lots of great food and drinks. Prague is an amazing city, and there is a reason you will see tourists here everywhere, all year around.

Before the agility world championship began, we also had one training in an indoor local agility venue on our way from Prague to Liberec. Some dogs do best after several days of rest and relaxation, while Zen does best with an even amount of exercise and traning, so it felt great to have a workout after travelling and sightseeing for days.

Nothing like the green carpet

I had often heard about “the feeling of being on the green carpet” before my first time at the world championships, and the saying was one hundred procent correct. It is such a unique feeling, standing there, both at the opening ceremony, and waiting to run with your dog on “the green carpet” and knowing you are a part of the agility world championship.

This year I was only running teams, and was therefore even more excited and set on giving everything I had in the two runs. In the first one (jumping), we dropped a bar on the first jump, but otherwise I was super happy with our efforts. In the second one, agility, I was on fire with excitement and we both did perfect. Zen was amazing, and when the team finished we stayed on a podium placement combined for so long!

In the end we got 4th place combined, and we were happy and disappointed at the same time. So close to podium, but also what a great result! Both me and my team were so proud of our efforts!

Norway is world champion

A lot of the joy of being at a championship and a part of the national team is to watch your team do well live and cheering them on.

I have no words for how proud I am of the whole team, but especially Tarjej, Kjersti, Eli, Elin og Irene for their results during this year championship! It is so well deserved and I applaud you from the bottom of my heart!

Kjersti & Agi is world champions (small) with Eli Beate & Xera right behind them! Congratulations ladies!