Hike to Ryganfossen

Location: Årdal
Time: 2 hours
Distance: 2,3 km
Elevation: 413 meter

Our hike begins from the parking lot on Nes in Aardal (Hjelmeland muncipality) and over the bridge where you will see signs for Viglesdalen. After following this trail for a short time, signs showing the way to Ryganfossen will appear.

When you reach the top of the hill, keep following the marked trail (it can be difficult to see, but keep your eyes on the trees as well) over a stream and up a small hill. You will now see the waterfall and when you get closer you will feel the spray of water.

You can climb down to the bottom of the waterfall by following the trail to the right in the picture above. Be carefull going down as it can be very slippery and check your footing as there is quite a lot of lose rocks.