Location: Forsand (Botshei)
Time: 3 hours
Distance: 4, km
Elevation: 406 moh

The hike starts at Botshei, which is located between Oanes and Jorpeland. You can park along the road where the hike begins (58.959835, 6.110042) and the trail is well marked. The first junction you arrive at will give you the option of taking the “old” or the “new” trail. The “new” trail will take you a long Lysefjorden – with amazing views, but if you have a fear of heights, it might be a bit uncomfortable taking this route.

On the “new” trail you will also need to climb a section with a rope. We had dogs with us and they managed fine with a little push. Most of the trail is on stone and the best view is actually seen before reaching the top.

On our way back we also visited Skjerajuvet and Skjerafjell. If you would like to take a different route back, take the “old”/”new” one, depending on which you selected on the way up. If you would like to extend the route, I highly recommend taking a detour to Skjerajuvet and Skjerafjell.