Publish: October 16, 2018

This was my 8th year competing at Norwegian Open, the best and biggest competiton of the year in Norway! Me, Buffy, Snitt, Christiane, Harley and Mørk traveled together. Zen was suppose to run as well, but since he has been out with his leg we have just not had the time to get ready for competing yet. Snitt therefore came as his stand-in and I still got to run my 20 (!) runs during the 4 days.


The journey

Since the journey to Kongsvinger is pretty far I decided this years and before to do the journey in two legs. Wednesday after work we drove to Kragerø where we spent the night at Nylands touristhome via Airbnb. The next morning we drove to Kongsvinger stopping in Bamble to walk the dogs. This year we stayed at Sigernessjøen Camping (about 15 min from the venue) in a cozy little cabin.

The agility

When travelling as far as Kongsvinger I signed up for all the runs possible. Between 4-6 runs each day and I managed to function both mentally and pshyically as expected. In between the runs I either ate or relaxed. Pretty happy with myself that I remembered that! Me and Snitt used the first runs to figure each other out and did some really good stuff together. It was a rush running with that dog! The stuff me and Buffy didnt manage was basically stuff that demanded skills we didnt have. I was left with so much inspiration after the days with stuff I wanted to train when we got home.