Another year is over and so much have happened. We have trained, competed and traveled with great friends both in Norway and abroad. I am looking forward to 2019 which will be just as amazing as 2018!


• Bella, Balder, Buffy  and Zen all begin with weekly swimming sessions at Hund i Form.
• Me and Veronika went to the cabin in Suldal with 5 dogs. “A trip to Suldal with Veronika


• Me and Buffy attended FitDog Camp. “FitDog Camp 2018
• Balder turned 10 years. “Happy birthday Balder
• We started herding again. “We have finally started herding again
• We had lots of walks with our good friends.


• Me and Veronika went to Drammen to compete in obedience and agility.
• We had winter wonderland in Rogaland suddenly.
• Easter holidays was spent in Suldal hiking and skiing. “Easter 2018


• Bella turned 12 years. “Happy 12th birthday Bella
• We went to an agility competition in Arendal.
• The best grandmother in the world passed away. “In memory of the best grandmother in the world


• On the 17th of may we went hiking to Daurmaalsknuten.  “Hike to Daurmaalsknuten
• Since Buffy was out with an injury, I ran with Minus and Snitt at agility competition in Stavanger.
• We went to our cabin in Suldal accompanied by good friends.
• We had a heatwave so we went swimming a lot, both in the sea and lakes.


• We went hiking and camping to Kvitlen. “Hike to Kvitlen 1.-3.june
• Buffy turned 5 years. “Happy birthday Buffy


• Zen gets MRI because of limping but no results. “Zen is getting an MRI
• Tina and Jernej from Slovenia came to visit us. “Visit from Tina & Jernej from Slovenia
• We went to Denmark to compete at Jutlandia Cup. “Jutlandia Cup 2018


• We go on a mini cruise in Croatia. “Cruise in Croatia
• Me and Buffy participate at an agility competition in Bergen. “Agility competition at Nordhordaland


• Me and Buffy participate at 4 different agility competitions.
Agility competition at Karmoy“, “Agility competition in Stavanger“, “Agility competition in Tonsberg” and “Agility competition in Olen“.


• Me and Christiane travel to Kongsvinger to compete at Norwegian Open. “Norwegian Open 2018


• I tried a new hike, to Storafjellet. “Hike to Storafjellet”
• Zen competes at his first competition and wins 1st place with a cleanrun. “Agilitydebut for Zen


• Zen turned 2 years. “Happy 2nd birthday Zen
• We enjoy ourselves with hiking and training with good friends.