Happy 2nd birthday Zen!

Published: December 16, 2018

Zen is now 2 years old! This year we have been through so much together and most of all it was so much fun to be able to start doing more agility. Zen is such a working machine, willing to work for food and toy, always happy and is never distracted. At home, he is my shadow and my cuddle bear.



Zen har developed incredibly well both mentally and physically. From the beginning I have been focused on making his body strong before doing “real agility”. He is the type of dog tha goes all in both in terms of power and speed, so it is super important that his body can handle the physical stress. We have been doing swimming, kickbike, hiking and fitness training. He also got HD status A and AD status 0 (free). Mentally he has matured a great deal and I notice it especially when it comes to his problem-solving. His concentration is as it has always been, amazing.


During Zen’s first year (Zen 1 year“) I made sure to socialize him with dogs of all breeds and sizes. We still go for walks with our friends and it is always nice to see him get along with basically everyone he meets. His signals and “language” is really good and he does so well with insecure dogs. This year we got to meet mama Lin, sister Breezy and “uncle” Aksi when Manca visited from Slovenia.


Now that Zen has a well built body for more agility, we started doing more and more agility this year. Long sequences and raising the bars much we did not do until after summer, mostly due to me being careful after his injury (“Zen gets an MRI“). Our first competition in jumping was in november and went really well with a cleanrun and 1st place. We need to finish our running contacts and seesaw before we will do agility. We are in no rush and are taking our time.

We took a break from herding due to just not having enough time and because of his injury. Hopefully we will start herding again when spring comes.