We won the tryouts!

We won the tryouts and are going to World Championship and the Nordic Championship. I am in complete shock after a crazy tryouts weekend with so much emotions.

I was so nervous before our first run on Friday, and even though we got zero results that day, it felt so good to «get started».

On Saturday I was still crazy nervous before running, but we ran clean in agility, and jumping, and got the minimum results to be in the running for national teams. Tomorrow it would be about getting more points. The first jumping course on Sunday started with a bar on the second jump, but we ran fast and still got points. The next course was also jumping, and this one we ran clean. The final course of the tryouts was agility, and minutes before our run, I realised we were in the lead of the tryouts. Sitting there seconds before going to the start, I told myself and Zen to enjoy this moment, breathe and just enjoy the magic.

We ran, we crossed the finish line and cleanrun! I cried, laughed and rewarded Zen all at the same time. Minutes after we won that run, we got called up as winners of the whole tryouts. I was in shock and overwhelmed with emotions.

My wonderful, handsome, fluffy little rocket is incredible. I am so thankful for the adventures we get to have together.

Thank you so much to my beloved and amazing Tom Ove, who have been our biggest fan and my rock through the years.

Thank you Manca , for trusting me with the best boy in the world.

Thank you, and a big CONGRATULATIONS to Vilde, who have been a wonderful travelling buddy, and who will also be representing Norway at both the Nordic Championship and the World Championship after her first tryout!

Thank you everyone of you amazing and wonderful you who cheer us on with cheers, tears and warm wishes. A huge thank you to the one and only Veronika , who is always there for us, pushing and supporting us, both on and off the agility course.

And a big CONGRATULATIONS to everyone of my wonderful agility friends who will be representing Norway with us. You are amazing.