Queen B is retiring

At the previous competition Buffy was supposed to run, she started limping after completing her warm up routine. I took her to Hund i form, who have treated our dogs regularly for years. Anita found some soreness and stiffness in Buffy’s lower back. Since Buffy has had some of the same issues before, and the fact that Buffy turns 9 years soon, Anita recommended we get xrays to check for calcifications. 

My vet did full x-rays (spine, elbows, shoulders and hips) and unfortunately we found indications of calcification on her lower spine. The amount is minor, and Buffy can have a normal life, just without agility and the physical strain it causes.

I am of course heartbroken and sad, but I am grateful we caught it early.  We have had so many great adventures together, and we will continue to have more. Not on the agility course, but in the mountains, in the woods and on the beaches.

Please value and enjoy the time on the course with your best friend and never take it for granted. You never really know when it might be the last training or run you have together.