Welcome little Neo!

During the easter holidays, our little Neo finally came home! His full name is Say Yes Neo Of ShapingSheepdog, and if you know the rest of our pack, Zen is his uncle from his fathers side. The dam is Exi (owner Veronika Vasseng), who I have known since she was 8 weeks old. Exi is an incredible versatile dog, with great health results and is a wonderful representative for the breed, so this was a puppy I could not miss out on!

As I am writing this, little Neo has been with us for about 4 weeks, and getting really comfortable. Balder was the first who embraced him as a part of our pack, and after about one week, Neo was approved by Queen B (also known as Buffy). Zen needed some more time, but in return plays with Neo every day now.

Socialisation and environment traning has been, and still is, my first priority as I always focus on the first 2-6 months with a puppy. We also traning recall and other easy stuff, but it is more important he loves to train and learn, more than actually learning tricks etc.

I am looking forward to many new adventures with this wonderful guy, and for now, we are enjoying the puppy time as much as possible. It will be over in a flash!