I have previously written about Zen’s diagnose which can be made worse by long term exposure to the sun and is the reason why he wears goggles for dogs. The goggles are called RexSpecs and was developed in the US. The developers had dogs with the same diagnosis as Zen, but could not find any dog goggles that could handle their adventures, so they created their own product. RexSpecs are durable and designed in a way the dog losses minimal of their field of view. The shades also breathe so dew dont form.

We introduced the goggles for Zen at home with some treats, and after one walk with them on, he did not notice them any more. He is completely comfortable with them and lives his life the same way he would without them. Whether it’s playing with other dogs, hiking, swimming or even training with me.

The goggles can be purchased via RexSpecs website or via Dyreklinikken Bergen Vest in Norway. When purchasing a pair, you will in addition to a coloured lens also receive a clear one. This is perfect to use in the beginning to get your dog accustomed to the goggles. You can also start with no lens in the goggles. On RexSpecs website you will find several training videos to help you get your dog comfortable with the goggles.

(We are not sponsored by RexSpecs. Just a very satisfied customer)