På vei nedover fra Napen

Through the years I have hiked quite a few mountains and trails, both in my neighbourhood, at our cabin and other great places on the westcoast of Norway. If you, like me prefer to hike mountains and preferably with a great view at the top, I can recommend all of the hikes below.

  1. Sollifjellet
    Located in Forsand, takes about 2-3 hours and has an amazing view of Lysefjorden.

2. Hellandsnuten
Located in Suldal, takes around 4 hours (as a round trip) and at the top you will see no less than five fjords!


3. Ryganfossen
Located in Årdal, takes about 2 hours and even though it is not a mountain, the 55 meter high waterfall is amazing and worth the hike.


4. Reinanuten
Located at Hjemeland, takes about 4 hours and has one of the most amazing views in Rogaland.


5. Hatten
Located in Forsand, takes approximately 3 hours and the best view is actually on your way up when you hike along Lysefjorden.


6. Onglanuten
Located in Suldal, takes about 3 hours (round trip) and offers both waterfall and amazing views!

7. Storlibu
Located in Egersund kommune, takes roughly 1,5 hours and even without a mountain it is one of my favorite hikes.


8. Himakana
Located in Tysvaer, takes around 2 hours and has amazing views, but its a very popular hike and there is normally always a lot of people.


9. Kjøllesnuten
Located in Sandnes, takes 1,5 hours and has quite amazing views for such a short hike!


10. Nonsfjell
Located in Gjesdal, takes around 1-2 hours (several trail options both up and down) and is one of my favorite nearby hikes.